What exactly are modified milk ingredients?
These are milk products with an

altered chemical state

from what is naturally found in milk.

(Modified milk ingredients are defined in item 7.1, subsection
B.01.010 (3) of the Food and Drug Regulations)


These fillers are being used to replace fresh milk
to lower costs and increase profits.

Doesn’t that sound appetizing?

Why this matters and how it affects you.



100’s of

thousands of litres

of Canadian milk is displaced each year by imported modified milk ingredients – taking business from Canadian dairy farmers and the local economy.

Imported milk ingredients and cheese may
contain synthetic growth hormones (to increase milk production) and antibiotics.

Cheese made with 100% Canadian milk does not.


Our unwavering commitment to you…





Although many companies in Canada are using imported modified milk ingredients to increase yields and decrease expenses, Bothwell Cheese is committed to

supporting local dairy farmers

and not using modified milk ingredients in their cheese.

Only cheese made with 100% pure local Canadian milk tastes best.